The Volkswagen group will soon decide on the future of Bugatti and Lamborghini –

The Volkswagen group is said to be seriously considering parting with some of its niche brands. In addition to Bugatti, Lamborghini and Ducati could be sold.

World leader in automotive sales in 2019, the Volkswagen group can count on a range of brands as diverse as they are varied. From general Volkswagen, Seat and Skoda, through the premium Audi and the very bankable Porsche, or the luxury Bentley, the sporty Lamborghini and the ultra-exclusive Bugatti.

But with the explosion of electricity and all the increasingly severe environmental standards, some niche brands like Bugatti (82 vehicles sold in 2019) and Lamborghini (4,554 copies) could be sold in order to free up money for invest even more heavily in 100% electric technologies.

What future for Bugatti and Lamborghini?

A decision all in all understandable since the models of these marks use large heat engines and that the electrification of the latter could push back the historical customers eager for gasoline vapors.

Indiscretions more and more taken seriously by observers who wonder what the VW group will do. Sell ​​Bugatti to Rimac, and Lamborghini to another or electrify the ranges? Response in the coming weeks.

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