IThey’ll have done everything for us. ” It is with this disillusioned formula that Jean-François Marmion opens the third part of his encyclopedic study of bullshit, devoted to that which is rampant in politics. And this “all” announces a mountain so impassable that it takes no less than thirty contributors, psychologists, criminal lawyers, journalists, historians, political scientists, media specialists and even addictologists… to touch on the subject. After the phenomenal success of Psychology of bullshit (100,000 copies sold and 19 translations), Sciences Humaines editions enrich their collection of “Indispensable Books” with a new sum, Psychology of bullshit in politics, which strikes as much by its topicality as by its capacity to formulate the timeless laws of the subject.

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Psychology of bullshit in politics, dir.  Jean-Francois Marmion

Psychiatrist, Patrick Lemoine immediately asks an existential question, that of “the…