The ultimate Lamborghini is coming soon (video) –

Prepare to discover a particularly radical new Lamborghini. Even the terrible Aventador SVJ should be beaten.

In the Lamborghini range, the Aventador SVJ currently plays the role of the most radical model in the range. With its extreme presentation and its atmospheric V12 brought to some 770 horsepower, it represents the ultimate variant of the Aventador if we put aside the very exclusive Sian hybrid.

But beware, the bull brand prepares a sport even more naughty than this Aventador SVJ. It will take the base of its little sister the Huracan, but in a technical definition as close as possible to the Huracan Super Trofeo racing. This future road variant, which some already call Super Trofeo Omologato, has just been caught on the Nordschleife in the middle of a secret test.

Only two wheel drive

It is said that the car will only use two-wheel drive, just like the racing version. Its chassis will be lightened to the maximum compared to the normal Huracan, and its aerodynamics will approach that of the Super Trofeo. Its V10 should not be pushed to more than 640 or 650 horsepower, which is significantly less than the McLaren 765LT and other Ferrari F8 Tributo (765 and 720 horsepower). Will she still be able to beat them thanks to her featherweight and aerodynamics? Answer soon: its presentation will probably take place before the end of the year.

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