The ugliest Bugatti in the world? –

Difficult to go further than that in the bad aesthetic taste.

The Bugatti Chiron is dreaming a lot of people, but it costs far too much for the average person: with its basic addition to three million euros, which can rise to five million or even 17 million euros for some ultra versions -exclusive, we are talking here about a product for real billionaire.

That's why some people sometimes try to produce cheap replicas of these machines. With the recent example of this fake Veyron on sale for $ 125,000 (which is already a large sum).

A Corvette base

This replica Chiron probably costs less than that. It is based on a Corvette C5 chassis, which it keeps the roof "targa" and probably the V8 engine. But the finish leaves a lot to be desired: no one will be fooled by deception …

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