The two most extreme Bugatti Chiron are in Nardo –

Between the Bugatti Chiron capable of handling 500 km / h and the one that can go down the clock on the circuit, which one do you prefer?

In the Bugatti Chiron range, the Super Sport 300+ and Pur Sport versions are located at both ends. The first benefits from an aerodynamics optimized for driving at very high speeds, and managed to touch 490 km / h in peak last year.

The second is more interested in performance on the track. Thanks to a gearbox with shortened ratios (the top speed drops to 350 km / h), a modified chassis and semi-slick tires, it may even be able to beat a time record on the Nordschleife.

In Nardo

The two versions found themselves on Nardo's Italian track in order to perfect their tuning. The Bugatti team completed a total of 20,000 km of testing there, with four prototypes of Chiron Super Sport 300+ and four prototypes of Chiron Pur Sport. Enough to mobilize a total of some 37 employees.

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