McLaren made good progress last year with its MCL35 and hopes that the adoption of Mercedes power units will bring a performance gain. But beyond this engine change, the Woking structure is striving to improve its car in two key areas.

“I think our strong point is typically the fast corners”, explains James Key, Technical Director. “Right from the start of the season we were very competitive in the medium and fast corners. Straight line braking is another strong point for us, which has been beneficial to us on some tracks like Austria.”

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“In terms of weaknesses, I think we still need to improve a bit at low speed. We are not that weak. [qu’en 2019], and we certainly put a lot of effort into trying to improve the balance and consistency that we had in certain types of slow turns. Then under certain conditions the car is not as good as we would like it to be – in certain conditions of aero or grip – which we more or less see on the data. We have to figure this out, but it doesn’t just happen overnight. “

“Those are our real goals. I think if we can improve part of that, we’ll have a more consistent car race after race.”

Last year, Carlos Sainz and Lando norris sometimes suffered from the wind, whose changes of direction strongly impacted the balance of the MCL35. Finding the cause of the problem through simulations was not easy, but McLaren seems to have figured out how to fix it on the 2021 MCL35M.

“We had this problem”, recognizes Key. “We think we have identified a cause, which is just a feature of the car that we need to change. But with all of these things, there is no silver bullet, we just have to work on it. are probably a little more affected by the wind than others, both positively and negatively, depending on its direction. “

“Of course all cars suffer from it. Our drivers said they’ve seen cars having to lock up wheels and have issues too, so I think it affects everyone. occasion, when it was in the wrong direction or when it affected a certain turn in a certain way, it had a worse effect on us. “

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