With the increasing willingness of tourists to travel, the number of bookings of air tickets and hotels in our city has also shown an upward trend, which has promoted mid-to-long-distance travel, and the tourism market has also begun to stir up.

Wenzhou Net News Ushered in the “May 1st” small holiday, many people will choose to travel during the holiday. May is the most suitable season of the year for travel. After experiencing the Qingming holiday, the tourism market has recovered. With the increasing willingness of tourists to travel, the number of air tickets and hotel bookings in our city has also shown a rapid upward trend, which has driven COSCO The tourism market has also begun to stir up.

The reporter learned from many tourism agencies in our city that the prices of air tickets and hotels for some popular routes and free travel destinations have risen. Among them, the air tickets of popular routes such as Wenzhou to Sanya, Chongqing, and Chengdu have increased significantly. The pre-sale period of railway tickets is still 15 days. At present, tickets for many popular destinations have been sold out, and all trains on many lines are in standby state. According to the person in charge of Wenzhou Tianyou International Travel Service, with the opening of cross-provincial travel, this year is expected to usher in the hottest May Day holiday. Judging from the current travel registration situation of the travel agency, about 70% of the population chose to travel across provinces. The weather is good in May, and some young families will take their children out for parent-child trips. The route gradually shifts from the wrestling field of outings and rural trips to mid- and long-distance trips, which further promotes a strong rebound in the tourism market. For example, COSCO Tourism, Xiamen, Sanya, Shanghai, Chengdu, etc. have all become popular destinations for tourists to consult. At the same time, the 2 days and 1 night “Island Anti-Oxygen Journey” by Tianyou International Travel Service is also attracting more attention. It is suitable for “disgusting with the group is too tired, the free travel package is too idle, and I don’t know how to choose a match “The tourist group.

The “May Day” holiday is the most optimistic holiday for travel agents in our city in the first half of this year. The current travel enthusiasm has also given the tourism industry a “reassurance”, and it is also full of expectations for the next travel market. With the gradual heating up of the market, various tourism agencies have also entered a critical moment of “grabbing customers”.

Warm reminder: During the May 1st holiday, there will be intensive travel and large passenger flow. According to the normalization of epidemic prevention and control measures, tourists should plan, arrange, and prepare early before going out. Please pay attention to tourism, diplomacy, transportation, health, Early warning and reminders issued by relevant departments such as meteorology, collect and understand the customs and taboos of tourist destinations, climatic conditions, and the release of maximum tourist capacity of scenic spots; if you encounter disputes during the travel, you must be rational and appropriate to protect your rights. Do not use excessive words and actions to avoid The loss has further expanded; if there is a dispute, tourists can first negotiate with the travel agency to resolve it. If the negotiation fails, they should pay attention to retaining the relevant evidence and complain to the consumer association or the cultural market comprehensive law enforcement department at the place where the travel contract is signed after the trip is over.

Source: Wenzhou Daily

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