The Toyota Yaris is elected car of the year 2021 - The Toyota Yaris is elected car of the year 2021 Already crowned in 2000, the model - archyworldys

The Toyota Yaris was elected, Monday 1er March, car of the year 2021 by a jury of European journalists. The small Japanese car, manufactured in France in the Toyota plant in Onnaing, near Valenciennes (Nord), succeeds the Peugeot 208. It obtained 266 points, ahead of the electric Fiat 500 (240 points) and the unexpected Cupra Formentor (239 points), the sports brand created by the Spanish manufacturer Seat (Volkswagen group). The Citroën C4 brings up the rear with 143 points. The winners were unveiled during an online ceremony broadcast from Geneva.

Urban hybrid

The Yaris, already crowned in 2000 when it first appeared – in 2005, the Toyota Prius was also elected by the jury – helped to democratize the hybrid (combining an electric motor with a heat engine) on the European market. Its fourth generation, launched this fall, should see its proportion of sales using this technology (55% in 2020) significantly increase, assures the manufacturer. Until the recent arrival of the Renault Clio E-Tech, the Yaris was the only city car to offer a hybrid version.

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The Car of the Year (Coty) jury brings together 59 journalists from specialized and non-specialized media – including The world – representing 22 countries. The votes of the jury are public and must be motivated.