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Of the 10 largest Volvo distributors identified in 2018, 9 are still present in the 2019 ranking. The Priod, ABVV and Vulcain groups remained the most important operators for the Swedish brand.

2019 has been a prolific year, but also relatively calm for the Volvo network. Only four concessions or annexes were created while no closures were recorded. One investor entered the network, two others left. This stability was confirmed in the top 10 of the most important operators, with nine of them remaining in this ranking. It should be noted that despite a very good year for Volvo, with nearly 21,700 vehicles sold, an increase of more than 18%, fortunes have however been diverse for these first-rate operators.

Priod has undoubtedly remained the leading distributor, thanks to volumes up nearly 6% or 1,777 units, according to data provided by the manufacturer. ABVV took second place with 9% growth and 1,128 PV, ahead of Vulcan, whose volume fell by 18% to 864 units.

Jean Rouyer and Maurin consolidate their place

The top 5 is completed by Jean Rouyer, in good progress, both in terms of volume (+ 11%) and space, from the 6e at the 4e position. The operator is followed byElysée Automobiles, always 5e, thanks to its 835 registered units (809 in 2018).

Note the nice increase of the group Maurin, which, thanks to a 57% increase in its marketed volume (from 502 to 787 units), was awarded the 6e place in front Duffort (-6.6% to 691 PV), Pemzec, who enters this list instead of The ugly (602 units), Sipa, having experienced a sharp drop (-38% or 569 units) and finally the group Hess which closes this classification with a volume of 560 units.

In 2019, the average turnover generated by a Volvo dealership reached 20.6 million euros, compared to 17.7 million in 2018, an increase of more than 16%. Its profitability can boast of being one of the best on the market in France, i.e. 1.6%, a very slight decline of 0.1 point compared to 2018.

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