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Solid and stable, this is how the Toyota network in France could be described. Features found in the top 10 of the brand's largest operators in 2019.

The Toyota network in France has something to stand out, and for two reasons. On the one hand, because it is indeed one of the most concentrated meshes. Last year, according to data provided by the manufacturer, its 10 largest French operators accounted for 61,529 light vehicle registrations, out of a total of 110,272 units, or no less than 55.8% of sales. A level rarely reached. The brand therefore literally entrusts a large majority of its business to a handful of investors. On the other hand, because these operators prove to be solid and loyal, according to this new classification.

Indeed, very few changes have taken place in this top 10 between 2018 and 2019, the first six operators being strictly the same. GCA, thanks to multiple external growth operations, has consolidated its leadership position more than ever. The company led by David Gaist sold 14,058 units, an increase of 7.7% compared to 2018. In second place, we find RCM, with 13,039 NAV (an increase of 12%), still followed by Team Colin, at the origin of 8,008 registrations (7,016 in 2018),Emil Frey France (7,032 VN, or + 5.3%), Cobredia, which has recorded a very good increase of almost 27% of its volume, and finally Aubery with 3,365 units compared to 3,094 in 2018.

The order is then a little disturbed with the entry into the ranking of Maurin, directly to the 7th position, with, as a consequence, the exit of the group Degenève in this list. Thanks in particular to the takeover of three businesses from the David Gerbier group, the Nîmes dealer sold 3,134 Toyota in 2019. It won ahead of the group Bernier, already 8th in 2018, and its 3,028 units (2,798 in 2018) and PDL Auto (2,983 VL, + 3.4%). Eden Auto, who brought up the rear in 2018, kept this ranking role.

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