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The Lexus network can count on a top 10 operators who provide it with a very large majority of its total registrations. A few movements took place in 2019, consolidating positions.

As with Toyota, it is only logical that the Lexus network is characterized by its great concentration. Last year, the brand's 10 largest operators sold more than 5,600 units, or 76% of the total vehicles marketed in 2019.

This record was marked by some major movements. We will particularly remember Team Colin, which, thanks to its 1,000 registrations, compared to 856 in 2018, has become the network leader ahead of GCA (922 against 856 in 2018) and Emil Frey France (850 against 800). These three operators alone were responsible for nearly 40% of the Japanese brand's sales in France.

The difference in volume remains thin with the two other operators making up the top 5, RCM, in 4th position, with 830 units (733 in 2018), and Como in 5th place with 600 VPs compared to 537 in 2018.

The difference is then more marked with the five remaining operators. The group Aubery managed to maintain its 6th place thanks to a 16% growth in volume to 383 units, but is followed this year by Eden Auto, moved from 9th to 7th place thanks to its 299 Lexus passes, a good increase of 62%. This increase allowed the Pau group to win ahead Hess (290), Degenève (250). The group Jean Lain enter and close this prize list, instead of the group Capel, with a little over 200 LV.

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