A new challenge went viral on the networks and thousands of people jumped to solve it. Are you willing to try your luck?

It is known that tests are the order of the day. On a daily basis, the networks invite us to find a lost object in a picture or to test our visual or mental speed through a question. In both cases, patience and agility are always at stake.

On this occasion, we bring you a new challenge that has gone viral on the networks in recent days and managed to capture the attention of millions of people who set out to solve it. This is an (apparently) simple image and a question: In what order will the champagne glasses be filled?

The good news is that this visual puzzle does not have a time limit and that the key to these challenges is patience. However, according to the networks, the user who solved it the fastest took only 45 seconds. Are you able to do it in less time?

If you want to know your mental agility, we recommend that you use a stopwatch and measure your speed.

511014.jpg?6.3 - the test that analyzes your speed

Eye test: Which cup will be filled first?

Could you solve it? If you were able to comply with the order, we congratulate you on that. If not, then we will tell you in which order the champagne glasses are filled.

The cup that fills first is 2. Then 4 is filled, then 1 and finally 3. Did you get the solution right?

If you were wrong, nothing happens, it is part of learning. It is always good to try new things, solving mental puzzles is good for our brain.