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Several police departments should be equipped with Model Y, the future compact SUV of Tesla.

Is Model Y the ideal companion for law enforcement? It is still too early to say. But still, the Tesla SUV, based on the Model 3, seems to appeal to some police departments. This is the case, for example, in Allegheny County, where the Sheriff's Office is considering equipping its fleet with Model 3 and Model Y.

" If we can make sure these vehicles are affordable and thrifty, the sheriff's office will seriously consider rolling in Model Y Said the department on Facebook, in a short publication dated November 5. He announced that he had tested with Model 3.

The Tesla Model Y already pleases the police Numerama - The Tesla Model Y already pleases the police - Numerama
Tesla Model Y // Source: Tesla

The Model Y, ideal car for the police?

Seeing the Model Y being mentioned by a police unit while it has not been released proves that the Tesla SUV already pleases. It must be said that, compared to the Model 3, it offers some additional arguments for law enforcement (including more storage space for equipment). In the past, we have seen some police departments favor Model X rather than Model S.

Note that Allegheny County is looking for savings. On this point, the Model Y should provide satisfaction in the long run, once the top price of the SUV will be absorbed in savings on fuel and maintenance costs (less on an electric vehicle). And, of course, in terms of performance, the Model Y will give it for its money (0 to 100 km / h swallowed in 5.8 seconds for the Grande Autonomie model).

It is recalled that the Bargersville Police Department has already invested in Model 3. This is currently a test to prove to the state that it is a financially viable solution.

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