The Tesla Model 3 more "upscale" than the competition? (video) –

The Tesla Model 3 finally has a direct competitor, thanks to the arrival of the Polestar 2. How does it defend itself against the latter?

Until now, the Tesla Model 3 had no direct rivals in the market: this compact family sedan, similar in size to a Mercedes C-Class or BMW 3-Series, was still waiting for an electric rival from same segment.

But since the arrival of the Polestar 2, this Model 3 is no longer alone. The new Swedish electric sedan, sold by Volvo's electric division, is indeed directly addressing the American benchmark. This is why the English journalists from Throttle House decided to compare the two machines.

Tesla victory?

The two journalists fail to designate a clear winner in this comparison. But against all expectations, the Tesla is doing better, according to them, in terms of the interior and the level of perceived quality on board. It seems "more upscale than the Polestar" according to them.

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