The Tesla Model 3 doesn't lose sight of the driverZDNet

The Tesla Model 3 doesn39t lose sight of the driverZDNet - The Tesla Model 3 doesn't lose sight of the driverZDNet

A hacker reveals that the driver-facing Tesla Model 3's interior camera is designed to detect their gaze, a use that goes far beyond what the Tesla CEO has admitted so far.

Elon Musk confirmed in April that one of the uses for the cockpit-facing camera, which is located in the center of the rearview mirror of all Model 3s, would actually be used to monitor passengers in his future robotaxis network. The camera could be used to deter passengers from vandalizing vehicles, or at least to collect evidence of such acts.

At this point, the camera was inactive in cars, but in June, nearly three years after the model was released, Tesla released a software update that activated the camera.

Monitoring system based on gaze tracking

As Electrek reported at the time, Tesla allowed certain Model 3 drivers to activate the camera, which allowed the automaker to "automatically capture footage and a short video clip just before a collision or event. of security ". The images and footage would not be tied to a specific driver, but would be used to help Tesla engineers develop future safety features, according to the company.

Electrek reports that a hacker known as "green"would have discovered what Tesla's software is designed for, and the latter seems to focus on the driver's gaze, such as when looking up, looking down, using a phone, or eyes closed, so this finding suggests that Tesla is not only planning to use the camera to monitor passengers in future robotaxis, but is at least exploring a driver monitoring system based on gaze tracking.

In addition, Tesla has also improved its function of controlling traffic lights and stop signs. A new update allows cars to automatically go through a green light rather than asking the driver to confirm the action as long as there is another vehicle in front of the Tesla.


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