The stopover, this trick to visit two destinations at the price of one

Can the stopover become a good plan? If passengers are generally reluctant to carry out mail-order flights because they lengthen travel times, the "stopover" could change attitudes. The concept is simple: rather than wasting time in an airport waiting for your next plane, airlines offer to stay several days on site to visit the city step of the trip.

Are you going to Chile? Why not first stop for three days in Rio de Janeiro to enjoy the beaches of Copacabana? A trip to Thailand? This is the opportunity to stop two nights in Doha to discover the artificial islands of this city built in the middle of the desert. But beware, a few details are to know to take full advantage: companies prefer airports where they have a hub, ie their main platform of correspondence. This is the case for São Paulo for Gol Transportes Aéreos, Paris for Air France and Atlanta for Delta Air Lines. All destinations are not accessible.

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A multi-destination trip at no additional cost

To benefit from it, it is sufficient at the time of booking to choose a "multi-destination" trip. For example, if you want to travel to Amsterdam a few days before your trip to Mexico, you must choose a first Paris-Amsterdam ticket, then a second Amsterdam-Mexico ticket, and finally a Mexico-Paris return. What save money, because the purchase of these tickets separately you will have cost much more. Fees may apply, but most of the time this option is free and does not increase the price of the trip. Just inquire with the company. For example, Alitalia and Qatar Airways offer this option for free to visit Rome and Doha.

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If it is not possible to book online, you can contact a travel agency and ask to book a dry flight with a stopover of several days in the destination of your choice, if the option is provided in the plan of flight. Some companies even organize all-inclusive stays, with preferential rates for passengers who choose to make a stopover, as Le Figaro says. Finnair, Air Canada, Icelandair, TAP and Singapore Airlines offer attractions, guided tours or accommodation at attractive prices for their customers.

Plan a baggage and a visa

Be careful, however, because this little trick has its limits: you will not be able to recover your luggage in the hold for the duration of the stopover. The latter will be sent directly to your final destination, as is the rule with luggage in case of correspondence. So remember to provide the necessary in your cabin baggage, so as not to be caught off guard during your stopover.

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Second point of vigilance, make sure you also have a visa in order to enjoy your stopover. Even for 48 hours, you can not leave the airport if the local authorities do not allow you. To be clear, check before your departure if your stopover requires the establishment of a new visa. Also beware of on-site charges: if a two-day trip to a European capital should not blow up the budget, a longer stop in New York or Hong Kong can quickly drive up the bill.

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