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" Not only this car announces a Cx of 0.279, the best in the category, explains Jason Castriota, SSC design director, but it retains the same aerodynamic balance from 160 km / h to well beyond 480 km / h. "

Absolutely, well over 480 km / h. It will not be the first hypercar to exceed this symbolic bar (482 km / h = 300 mph, in VO) since Bugatti has already taken care of it, even if Hennessey and Koenigsegg will rightly object that the Chiron Super Sport has not made the round trip essential to homologate his Guinness record. Nevertheless, we finally have before us the first SSC Tuatara series, a car that intends to obliterate all that rolls (and which is not powered by a jet engine turbojet).

Just unveiled at the Philadelphia Auto Show, the first of 100 planned Tuatara cars will take up residence in the garage of a certain Larry Caplin. Congratulations, Larry. And well done for the configuration, this black livery with red accents is very attractive.

Since time, you have probably known almost everything about SSC Tuatara. Brief reminder for those who have not followed: under this carbon fiber body, there is a carbon fiber monocoque, stuffed with a V8 5.9 twin-turbo house with a flat crankshaft and an intake system announced revolutionary. Fed with E85, the Tuatara develops 1,774 hp. At standard unleaded, you will have to settle for only 1,369 hp, which will probably be more careful if you are awake.

The whole thing goes to the rear wheels and then somehow on the ground via a CIMA seven-speed robotic gearbox, which promises passages in less than 100 milliseconds in Track mode. This mode also has the effect of lowering the body and activating the rear spoiler. By default, the SSC Tuatara runs in Sport mode. There is also a Front Lift mode which, as its name suggests, allows the muzzle to be raised to cross donkeys and other pernicious parking ramps.

SSC promises that a 1.98 m human will be able to take a comfortable seat on board, even with a helmet. He will be able to try to read the figures which climb on a digital instrumentation in front of him, while his passenger will fight against the centrifugal force to navigate on the large central touch screen.

Only 100 Tuatara will be produced. Will the American hypercar have the firepower necessary to outclass its little comrades from Bugatti, Koenigsegg and Hennessey? We'll find out soon.

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