The famous Clubhouse social app has become a phenomenon lately. It is only available on iOS, but its developer has just announced the imminent arrival of the application on Android smartphones.

clubhouse unsplash 2 - the social app is coming to Android in May
Credit: Unsplash

Until now, Clubhouse has remained an exclusive app for iOS users. This was also a boon for some of the platforms competitors that have started offering features similar to those of Clubhouse, such as Facebook, which recently launched Hotline.

For the moment, there is no Android version of the Clubhouse app, an absence that gave bad ideas to some ill-intentioned people. Indeed, hackers took advantage of the platform’s invitation system to spread a Trojan on a large scale by making victims believe that they could download an Android version of the application.

Clubhouse coming soon to Android

Mopewa Ogundipe, a developer at Clubhouse, recently revealed on her Twitter account a post indicating that the platform’s Android app will soon be available to end users. In his tweet, Mopewa’s profile can be seen on the iPhone app as well as on a Google Pixel phone. According to Morgan Evetts, Android version will be available by the end of May.

According to the latest statistics updated in February 2021, Clubhouse has already surpassed 8 million downloads worldwide, although it is still officially labeled as a beta. The arrival on the application of famous personalities such as Elon Musk or Bill Gates probably strongly contributed to the success of the new social platform.

The Clubhouse application is currently facing a major controversy, since more than a million users have just had their personal data hacked. According to the social network, this data was already public, but this then raises questions about the company’s position on privacy protection.

Such a lack of privacy could well slow Clubhouse’s meteoric growth, even if the app becomes available on the Google Play Store. This new controversy comes at the wrong time since it comes just days after the discovery of the hacking of the personal data of 20 million French people on Facebook.