The 'sensitive' McLaren MCL35 still disturbs Sainz –

Carlos Sainz looked struggling against Lando Norris earlier this year, but the Spaniard reveals he is still looking to get used to the McLaren MCL35, which he managed to tame in winter testing. He has since been confused by the sensitivity to the conditions of his car and has not reached his best.

"It's a bit strange because during the winter testing I was really happy with the car and I went to Australia with very high hopes, I had my settings and everything I wanted" Sainz remembers.

"But oddly, during the first race in Austria I had a little trouble getting used to the car, the track temperature was higher than during practice, the winds were stronger and all of a sudden. suddenly the car is a completely different animal. "

"Our car this year seems to be very sensitive to these things and I haven't really found it running smoothly yet," he continues, judging that this is where his shortcomings lie in getting the most out of his car.

“I still haven't found the last tenth I had around the second half of last year. I continue to work with my engineers and the team to find that last tenth, if not tenth and a half, which gives a decisive advantage when it comes to getting the most out of the car. "

“That said, the results, even without that last tenth and a half on my part, could have been really positive and I probably wouldn't be so critical if I had more points. But I don't want to be too comfortable. and I want to keep finding that tenth or two tenths. "

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