Reservations are exploding in many psychology practices in the Basque Country. “I have about five calls a day for new treatments,” says clinical psychologist Nicole Iriarte in Anglet. For about two months, she has indeed noticed an upsurge in meetings. She also explains that she is not the only one, and that with many colleagues on a group conversation, many also note that they have a lot of appointments at the moment.

An anxiety-provoking period

For the Anglican psychologist, there is no doubt that the Covid-19 crisis has an impact on people’s mental health. “They arrive because they can’t take it any longer, they are tired in the morning, they have some signs of depression, more motivation, they no longer laugh” so many symptoms for the clinician who bear witness to the impact of the crisis sanitary. “The confinement created a unique context to which we were not used to, we were a bit isolated, teleworking, all these new physical loads, people took a lot of responsibility, they have used their individual psychic resource a lot and they are exhausted“Nicole Iriarte analyzes.” People lack individual dynamics, they no longer have a project, it’s very, very anxiety-provoking “.

Nicole Iriarte who fears that this trend of increasing the number of people receiving care will continue with a health crisis that is still not about to end.