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"Prince" chocolate-hazelnut shortbread recipe


Shortbread 250 g of flour 125 g of butter 125 g of icing sugar 1 egg 5 g of salt Chocolate-hazelnut paste 70 g of milk chocolate 100 g of praline 100 g of hazelnut paste 20 g of cocoa butter

Shortbread dough without robot

In a bowl, sand together the 250 g of flour, the 125 g of butter and the 125 g of icing sugar.

Form a fountain in the middle, and in the middle add an egg beaten beforehand with 5 gr of salt.

We continue with the hands, mixing everything together, without giving too much body to the dough because it must remain quite crumbly without taking too much elasticity.

Once you get a smooth ball of dough.

We will mill the dough, that is to say you take your ball of dough and you push it and then crush it with the palm of your hand against the worktop in order to mix all the ingredients well without make it elastic.

Prepare a rectangle of food film on which you will place all of your dough and film it all then flatten it there, and you let it rest for 1 hour in the fridge.

During this time we will make our Choco-hazelnut paste which will garnish our small shortbread cookies.

Choco-hazelnut paste

Pour 70g of milk chocolate and 20g of cocoa butter in a container that you are going to melt.

Once your chocolate and cocoa butter have melted, add 100 g of praline and 100 g of hazelnut paste.

You homogenize your mixture, pour into a bag and set aside in the fridge until the mixture thickens.

Final steps.

Take your shortbread dough out of the fridge, roll it out 3mm thick.

Then we use a "fluted" cookie cutter to detail pieces of pasta.

And off we go for baking at 170 ° C for 12 to 15 minutes.

Once out of the oven let stand at room temperature.

Poach a dose of cooled chocolate-hazelnut dough on one of the cookies then cover with another, exerting light pressure to seal them.

Repeat the maneuver until all your cookies and dough are used up

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