THE RECIPE OF THE DAY. Stuffed cabbage with oriental oriental – Nice-Matin

For 4 people

Preparation time: 35 min
Cooking time: 60 min


– 500 g mutton,
– 1 cabbage of 1 kg,
– 2 onions,
– 100 g chickpeas,
– 4 tbsp. to s. olive oil,
– cinnamon,
– salt pepper.

For the stuffing:
– 300 g ground meat,
– 1 egg,
– 2 tbsp. to s. rice,
– 1 bunch of chopped parsley
– cinnamon,
– pepper.


Cut the meat into pieces. Chop the onions. Remove the leaves from the cabbage, blanch them in salted water and drain them.

Put the pieces of meat in a casserole with chopped onions, salt, pepper and oil. Make return. Add the chickpeas as well
only a glass of water and cook.

Prepare the stuffing by mixing the ground meat, egg, rice, chopped parsley, salt, pepper and cinnamon.

Arrange the cabbage leaves flat, place a stuffing ball in the center, fold the sheet and form small packets tightly.

Halfway through cooking the meat, place the small packets of cabbage in the casserole. Add a glass of water and cook another 30 minutes.

At the end of cooking, reduce the sauce. Finally, you can serve.

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