If you are not yet registered on TikTok, this will undoubtedly make you want to join the social network. There are delicious and very aesthetic cooking recipes. Like the one in this honeycomb-style pasta gratin.

TikTok’s star pasta gratin

Are you already addicted to TikTok beauty tips to give you a false lash effect? Or even the TikTok lifestyle tips for changing a duvet cover?

Rejoice, TikTok also has its place in your cookbook. If you do not yet know the pasta cake, you’ll love the one provided by user Anna Rothfuss.


This honeycomb pasta is so good !! ?? ## fyp ## foryou ## foryoupage ## pasta ## cookinghacks ## yum

? original sound – Anna Rothfuss

This gourmet pasta recipe has totaled more than a million likes since it was put online. And the reason is simple: the honeycomb pasta gratin is easy to make, quick and can be adapted to all diets, whether you are vegetarian or not.

The recipe for honeycomb pasta gratin

To make this perfect recipe for cheese addicts, you first need a cake pan with removable bottom or a silicone mold. Place a thin layer of cooked tomato sauce at the bottom of the dish

Cook 500g of large, hollow rigatoni, cannelloni or tortiglioni type pasta. Then arrange the pasta while standing in the dish. this can be long and a little tedious, prefer to make concentric circles so that they do not fall.

Then, insert pieces of cheese such as mozzarella, emmental or cheddar cheese in the holes of the pasta.

Then cover everything with tomato sauce to which you will have previously added minced meat for the carnivorous version, or pieces of finely chopped mushroom, zucchini and eggplant for the vegetarian version.

Add a thin (or less thin) layer of grated cheese on top and cook at 200 ° C for half an hour. Unmold, serve and enjoy!