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RECIPE – It has now been over two months since restaurants closed their doors. We will have to wait a few more weeks before we can set foot there again. In the meantime, you can try making your favorite recipes at home. If you dream of cheese yakitoris, there is nothing simpler!

To help you prepare the recipe, The HuffPost LIFE asked Laure Kié, Japanese culinary author, to give her advice on making the kebabs, as you can see in the video above. In her book "Sushi and skewers" published in May 2018 by Mango editions, she also discloses the steps to follow to make her yakitoris with homemade cheese. “The recipe is actually simple to make at home,” she explains.

The quick and easy recipe for beef and cheese skewers

  • 600g beef carpaccio
  • 600g of Comté (or other cheese)
  • 10 cl yakitori sauce
  • Sesame seeds (optional)

First, Laure Lié recommends cutting the Comté into a stick shape and then wrapping it in a slice of meat. The whole is then to put on a wooden spike. Then place them in a deep dish to pour the yakitori sauce where the skewers will marinate for around thirty minutes in the refrigerator. The yakitoris can then be cooked on the barbecue, in the oven or in the pan. Whichever tool you choose, cooking is quick, one or two minutes is sufficient on each side to prevent the cheese from dispersing.

To accompany the kebabs, Laure Kié recommends cooked Japanese rice. "I like to add small zucchini circles I think it goes well", admits the author. It is also possible to cook all kinds of vegetables.

Cheese yakitoris are a well-known dish in France, yet they do not exist in Japan. "The combination of these Japanese flavors with this melted cheese is what really pleased the French," explains Laure Kié. It is therefore possible to give free rein to your imagination by testing several cheeses and other types of meat, such as chicken.

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