the recipe for risotto with green asparagus with orange and marinated salmon by Cyril Lignac

Tuesday, May 19, Cyril Lignac invited the viewers of his show "Tous en cuisine" to make a wonderful risotto with green asparagus, orange and marinated salmon. A hearty, seasonal and ultra-gourmet dish that creates a sensation at dinner. Here is the list of ingredients to get started with this recipe.

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Risotto is an Italian preparation which can seem difficult to succeed and yet! Just stay near the pan while the rice cooks and add the broth in a small ladle to avoid any risk of missing it! The chef offers us his own version of this emblematic dish by adding pieces of marinated salmon. A real complete dish to be tested urgently!

It is not the first time that Cyril Lignac has revisited this classic. Some time ago, the chef had imagined a variation of the Milanese risotto recipe. This time, he enhances the risotto by inviting this month's flagship vegetables to his cuisine: asparagus. Very attached to seasonality, Cyril Lignac loves to prepare tasty recipes to make children eat vegetables. Always accompanied by his sidekick Jérôme Anthony, who sometimes laughs at the cook's little mistakes, Cyril Lignac cooked with Déborah François and Michaël Gregorio. If the Belgian actress remains very secret on the identity of her companion, their appearance together on the screen raised many questions.

The list of ingredients for the green asparagus risotto with orange and marinated salmon by Cyril Lignac 300 g of arborio or carnaroli rice 1 chopped onion or 1 chopped shallot 1 clove of peeled and degermed garlic 80 g of butter 1 glass of white wine 1.4 liters of broth cube1 block of 300 g raw salmon cut into small cubes8 green asparagus (cut the tail and remove the leaves on the stems) 100 g grated parmesan olive oil 2 oranges 1 yellow lemon fine salt ¼ bunch of coriander

On the utensil side, you

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