Preparation: 25 minutes. Cooking: 30 minutes. Material: 1 wok. Cost : **. Difficulty : *.

Ingredients for 4 persons

4 chicken fillets cut into pieces,

2 tbsp of cornstarch,

2 beaten eggs,

3 tbsp of flour,

½ sachet of baking powder,

4 tbsp of rapeseed oil,

2 tsp sesame oil,

1 tbsp of grated ginger,

1 new onion with its green stem (minced),

10 cl of vegetable broth,

2 tbsp of rice vinegar,

2 tbsp of sugar

1 tbsp of soy sauce,

2 tbsp of oyster sauce,

1 tsp of chili puree.


Coat of cornstarch the chicken.

To prepare 2 soup plates, the first with the salted beaten egg, the second with the flour and baking powder.

Coat the chicken in the egg then in the flour mixture and in the egg again.

In the deep fryer do fry at 300 ºC the chicken in two batches and set aside.

In a wok, do sweat ginger and onions with sesame oil.

Pay water, vinegar, sugar, soy sauce, oyster sauce and chili.

Mix gently and add chicken and onion greens, coating it with sauce.


Serve the dish with rice.