The Lomnice restaurant in Špindlerův Mlýn is one of the most famous of the Giant Mountains, the country’s highest mountain range, located just a two-hour drive from Prague. On the menu of the prestigious establishment: tasty ovocne knedlíky, fruit quenelles, an invigorating specialty in Bohemia. The Czechs, big lovers of sweet and savory, consume them as a main course and not as a dessert. Here is the recipe.

Ingredients for the dough: flour, eggs, milk, a little sugar, a pinch of salt and yeast.

The dough obtained must be homogeneous, smooth and not sticky.

We then wrap the fruit, here blueberries from the region, in a pancake.

Then cook the quenelles in boiling water for about ten minutes.

Pierce the quenelles with a fork … and serve drizzled with a ladle of melted butter and a copious shower of icing sugar.

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