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It was the dish of the poor Nice people in the 19th century, prepared with stale bread and a salad of raw vegetables … But do you really know the recipe for Pan Bagnat? Marion Sauveur brings you the essentials of this sandwich on Europe 1.

A gourmet sandwich, a classic of Nice cuisine: it is of course the Pan Bagnat. Perfect for a picnic, this dish was that of the poor in Nice in the 19th century. It was made with stale bread, softened by running it under water, then cut in half, to fill it with a salad of raw vegetables – the products that grew in the vegetable garden. But do you know the real recipe, made with the same ingredients as a Niçoise salad?


1 20 cm round bun 1 tomato 4 radish some fava beans (in season) 1 pepper artichoke (in season) 2 scallions (small fresh onions) 1 small stalk of celery 1 green pepper salad 1 hard-boiled egg 2 anchovy fillet 1 tuna fillet in oil or 1/2 canned tuna in oil black olives from Nice 3 basil leaves Salt Pepper Olive oil

The steps of the recipe1. We start by disgorging the sliced ​​tomatoes in slices with a little salt, which will return their water.2. Cut the bread in half, rub it with garlic, then immerse it in the tomato water. The breadcrumbs must soak up.3. Arrange the tomatoes on the first slice of bread.4. Peel the celery, removing the filaments well, then cut the radishes in half, the scallions in slices and the small peppers. In season, we slice the pepper artichoke and add the beans.5. We slice the hard-boiled egg into rings and put it on top.6. Add a few basil leaves, a piece of tuna confit in oil and anchovy fillets in salt.

7. Add a little olive oil to the tomato water, then cover the ingredients with one or two tablespoons.8. We close the snack with the second slice of bread, press it down and hear that the bread soaks up the oil and all the ingredients. Ideally, do this in the morning and let it soak up all the ingredients so that it is thoroughly wet by the time you bite into it.

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