The psychology of love that lasts a lifetime

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The psychology of love that lasts a lifetime | Pexels

The psychology of love that lasts a lifetime. It is certainly admirable to see that they exist couples that hold together regardless of the passing of the years. Of course they have had moments of crisis but they have overcome them by the hand.

When we start a Relationship we dream that this time is the right one, let's be honest we are tired of loves that last a few months, it is exhausting to make plans together and watch them collapse before an argument.

Unfortunately, today there are many relationships that only last a while, in the first problem they devour, the couple crisis they will always exist, they are natural, we spend so much time together with the loved one that friction is usually generated.

Divorces in Mexico

If we put Mexico as an example, we find a divorce rate In 2013, 108,727 divorces were registered, a notable increase compared to 2011, where the figure stood at 91,285.

The most alarming thing is that in various research It is pointed out that among couples who stay together, marital dissatisfaction is common, it doesn't sound pleasant to stay next to a person you don't love for keeping up appearances.

The secret of love for a lifetime

Thinking about it, we took on the task of investigating six secrets of science-backed couples that keep a romantic love for decades, even throughout life.

  1. They always do new things together
  2. They help their partner fight for their dreams
  3. They talk about their problems
  4. They reach agreements where they both feel comfortable
  5. Forgive with the heart and without looking back
  6. They admire and recognize their partner's work
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