Javier Carlos Galván (44), the Vice Commodore of the Air Force who is imprisoned for the femicide of Ivana Modica (47) understands the seriousness of his acts and no evidence was found of any pathology that could temper his guilt in the crime of which he accuses him. Those are the elements that emerge from the psychological expertise that was practiced last week together with psychiatric studies of the military man of which details are not yet known.

The Cosquín prosecutor, Paula Kelm, took charge of the investigation and the investigation process of the case and it is expected that next week she will issue the preventive detention of the military man accused of the crime of homicide based on the relationship and gender violence ( femicide).

Last week, Galván was investigated by the prosecutor Jorgelina Gómez, who replaced Kelm, and the deadlines began to run for the delivery of all the probative material that will be added to the confession of the Air Force plane pilot.

It is known that one of the defense strategies is to state that Galván “suffered” a state of violent emotion that triggered the murder of his girlfriend.

The evidence in the file so far abounds in minute details that describe how he tried to avoid being incriminated by hiding the woman’s body and denying his guilt for eight days in which he did not give details of where he had hidden it.

Ivana’s body was found at dawn on Saturday, February 20, at kilometer 11.5 of the Camino del Cuadrado.

According to sources in the investigation, the day before the discovery, Galván broke down when he learned that he was going to be transferred from the La Falda police station to the Bouwer prison and asked to testify before the prosecutor. That night, in the Courts of Cosquín, he confessed to the crime and told the police where he had left the body.


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