Before travelling

>10 days prior to travel avoid social gatherings and crowds.

> Do not travel if you have been exposed to Covid-19 or sick.

> Bring alcohol gel and a mask for the entire trip.

During the trip

> Use mask that covers the nose and chin during the entire trip, in transport, stations and stops. Avoid touching mouth, nose and eyes.

> Avoid crowds and keep a distance from people who have not traveled together.

> Perform hand hygiene with alcohol gel frequently and avoid touching common surfaces.

> Do not share drinks, food, mate or personal items.

> In case of presenting any symptoms compatible with Covid-19, such as: temperature of 37.5 C or more, cough, sore throat, loss of taste and / or sudden smell, notify the adult responsible for the trip and coordinator to activate the protocol.

When returning

> In case of presenting cough, fever, sore throat, headache, body aches, diarrhea / vomiting, call 0800 555 6549 or the reference health provider.

> A 10-day isolation must be performed.

> Avoid having contact with people at risk.

Tourism agencies

In the same way, the Association of Tourism Agencies of the region is requested to send the list of student tourism passengers in order to make contact with them between 48 or 24 hours prior to arrival in the provincial territory to carry out the surveillance and provide recommendations.

The data to be collected will be: name and surname, ID, town, destination, date of travel and return, telephone number of father / mother / guardian or travel coordinator and they will be sent to the email:, and will then be forwarded to the reference teams in the localities.

If a passenger has symptoms at the destination, they must activate the protocol and notify the authorities of the Province of Santa Fe at the email: If you have symptoms upon return, you should contact 0800 555 6549, local COE or attend the nearest health center.

If a suspected case of Covid-19 occurs, the local reference team must take samples, carry out clinical follow-up, indicate isolation to close contacts and notify the SNVS by entering the travel history in the epidemiology tab.