The price of the iPhone 12 will probably make you cough – korii.

The iPhone 11 and 11 Pro barely on the stalls and in the pockets, it is already time to look at the continuation – so the life of a product so important on a planetary scale.

If the years follow and sometimes look a little too much for Apple, this time it is a question of a deeper technological break between the 2019 version and the next, scheduled for 2020.

Ming-Chi Kuo, a well-known analyst of those who closely follow the activity of the company led by Tim Cook, thus announced in early November some new elements about what we will call the iPhone 12.

New motherboard

Among many aesthetic and material novelties, one of the main selling points of the 2020 generation of the iPhone should be the inclusion of a 5G chip. But modernity has a cost, and it seems particularly high.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, the specific needs of the fifth generation (heat dissipation and antenna, in particular) will require a larger motherboard of about 10%, and especially much more expensive.

After the display (especially with an OLED display) and the main microprocessors, the motherboard is the most expensive component of an iPhone.

Very knowledgeable, often from internal sources at the manufacturing sites, the analyst points to a 35% increase in the cost of supplying and manufacturing this core element – without counting other innovations that could further inflate the addition. .

It remains to be seen how Apple will accommodate this high inflation. The company could decide to lower its own margins and encourage its Asian industrial partners to do the same. The mass of production (85 million appliances planned for 2020) should also allow some economies of scale.

But Apple may also postpone some of these increases on the final price of the iPhone 12. Apple Insider note that terminals already equipped with the 5G, such as the Samsung Galaxy S10, are sold on average 360 ​​euros more expensive than less premium smartphones.

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