The photos of the Aston Martin DB5 Junior, a toy at 40,000 euros! –

This series of photos is the opportunity to discover the small Aston Martin DB5 Junior. The result of the collaboration between Little Car Company and Aston Martin, this children's toy is still 3 meters long and 1.1 meters wide.

It has a small 5 kW electric motor, the power of which can climb to 10 kW on the Vantage version, also equipped with a carbon fiber body, a limited slip differential and a second battery (up to 64 km of autonomy). Several driving modes are available. They make it possible in particular to limit the power transmitted to the rear wheels of this small car, even to offer a good compromise between acceleration and top speed (Novice, Expert and Race).

Limited to 1,059 copies, just like the original, the Aston DB5 Junior is sold for 35,000 pounds sterling (around 39,000 euros), against 45,000 pounds sterling for the Vantage version (around 50,000 euros).

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