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If this seems difficult to imagine at first glance, it is nevertheless the feat achieved by the pilot behind the wheel of this city car from the early 90s. However, the task was not easy. Beyond its adversaries, of size it must be said, the north loop of the Nürburgring, alias the Nordschleife, is also a formidable enemy. But the “crazy driver” and author of this feat did not dismantle and tame the “green hell”.

An unequal battle, on paper only

In front of our national 106 were supercars capable of all records. Among them, a Lamborghini Aventador SV, a real gem of the Italian manufacturer. Especially since the latter has a remarkable CV on the legendary German circuit with a loop completed in less than 7 minutes.

On the video below we can thus admire a very well done overtaking, in which the Peugeot allows itself to make the interior of a Renault Megane RS, a Suzuki Swift Sport and the famous Lamborghini. All in the famous “carrousel” bend, sorry!

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