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Nothing beats cooking to warm up the mood. Today, a recipe for the national holiday.

On this national holiday, what recipe should we put in the spotlight to celebrate French gastronomy? No matter how deep the ciboulot was, it was hard to see why the Provençal bouillabaisse would represent France better than the Lorraine pâté or the Savoyard fondue, than the kig ha farz from Brittany or the Ardèche caillettes, than the boeuf bourguignon or Flemish stew, Occitan cassoulet or Reunion sausage rougail, Saint-Honoré or Paris-Brest. So we opted for something tasty and simple, more seasonal than the dishes previously mentioned, and which can delight you as an aperitif or picnic throughout the summer: panisses.

Chef Julia Sedefdjian, the youngest star in the country, delivers her recipe.

You will need: 250 g of organic chickpea flour; 2 cloves garlic ; 5 cl of olive oil; 1 l of water; salt and pepper.

Heat the water with the olive oil and the previously peeled garlic cloves. Add the chickpea flour when the water comes to a boil and whisk for ten minutes. Place the preparation in a gratin dish and let stand for one to two hours (enough time to watch – or vituperate against – the parade on the Champs-Elysées). Cut the preparation cold and brown in a pan with a little olive oil, before seasoning.

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