Oppo’s HeyTap Health app is finally available on the App Store. This means that the brand’s Oppo Band and Oppo Watch can now work with iPhones or iPads.

imageonline co watermarkedimage - The Oppo Band and the Oppo Watch now work with your iPhone

The Oppo Watch connected watch // Source: Frandroid

Until now, Oppo has only granted its wearables than to their smartphones or Android devices. From now on, the Chinese brand can attack the apple one.

Apple has indeed authorized the HeyTap Health application to appear on the App Store. So this means that the Oppo Band and other Oppo Watch are iOS compatible. You can now use them with your iPhone or iPad.

Your health data also migrates

The app allows fairly classic activity monitoring (number of steps, calories burned, distance covered, etc.), but also more extensive with certain devices to record monitoring measurements of sleep, heart rate or blood oxygenation. (SpO2).

From your iOS device, it is thus possible to record your information in the app and to synchronize the results with the Apple Health app for your usual follow-up.

img 0204 1200x900 - The Oppo Band and the Oppo Watch now work with your iPhone


The application is quite sober in terms of design. You enter your usual information (age, height, weight), you add your product and you can then access the different categories to fill in. Synchronization with the Apple Health app is done by activating the option in the settings.

The update is like a work in progress. Some messages still appear in Chinese or are displayed in French in a way that is not very polished.

Note that Oppo devices can now display notifications from your iPhone or iPad to read them on the wrist.