The Nokia 9.2 would be pushed back to this fall to ship a better SoC… and 5G – Frandroid

Nokia would postpone its Nokia 9.2 until this fall. This is in any case what a Twitter account usually well informed about the projects of the subsidiary of HMD Global. This postponement would allow the group to redesign its next flagship, already postponed several times, to add better SoC and 5G connectivity.

The Nokia 9.2 would be pushed back to this fall - The Nokia 9.2 would be pushed back to this fall to ship a better SoC… and 5G - Frandroid

It will probably take a little more patience before you can test the next high-end smartphone from Nokia. On Twitter, Nokia Anew, an account maintained by leakers having once hit the mark, indicates that the Nokia 9.2, replacing the Nokia 9 PureView, could see its launch postponed until next fall.

If this new launch window seems surprising to us, since the new high-end chip must arrive on smartphones from March, the arrival of a brand new Snapdragon 865 on the Nokia 9.2 (instead of the Snapdragon 855 announced at origin) would be good news. Switching to this new SoC would allow Nokia to give its terminal more power, as well as 5G connectivity (mandatory with the Snapdragon 865).

Do not repeat the same mistake twice

Changing the rifle on SoC would be no small matter for Nokia. Announced at MWC 2019, the Nokia 9 PureView had suffered from a processor lagging behind the competition. The device was satisfied with a Snapdragon 845 engraved in 10 nm, while most of its direct competitors already embarked the Snapdragon 855, faster and also more energy efficient, because engraved in 7 nm. For its Nokia 9.2, Nokia wants to avoid knowing this disappointment again.

Note that this new high-end smartphone is still long overdue. Initially, the mobile was to make its appearance during the end of the summer, before being pushed back for an exit during the fourth quarter of 2019. An missed deadline due to camera problems, had then explained Nokia, which was counting on the following a launch in the second quarter of 2020 without further details. Now it’s the fourth quarter of 2020 that could be targeted.

Anyway, the device would probably take advantage of these successive postponements to strengthen its technical sheet a little. according to PhoneArena, the Nokia 9.2 should count on 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage, as well as on a 3320 mAh battery. For Android Authority, the device may also include an improved set of rear photo modules. On the downside, its initial price of $ 699 could also take advantage of it to inflate.

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