According to theEconomic Daily News, the future iPhones will be aptly named iPhone 13, with variations still called mini, Pro and Pro Max. The information of the Chinese newspaper is said to come from the supply chain. After the 12 naturally comes the 13, but the name iPhone 13 is still questioned by some in view of the superstition around the number (triskaïdekaphobia). A recent study indicated that 18% of those polled preferred a name other than iPhone 13 and that 38% would be for a drop in numbers in the iPhone range. If the newspaper seems confident, nothing is official at the moment.

Image: EverythingApplePro

Another rumor from Max Weinbach tells us that future iPhones may have a larger wireless charging coil. This would increase the phone’s charging area and would also be used for possible reverse charging. We could then charge compatible AirPods directly by placing them on his phone. Weinbach had announced earlier in the year that the MagSafe magnets would also be more powerful. Be careful, however, this leaker is not the most reliable – it had partly crashed on the iPhone 12 for example – so this is information to be taken with a grain of salt.