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** Mobilization and celebration on the ZAD
for the two years since the end of the airport project
and for victorious or ongoing struggles
January 17th is always a holiday! **

by ZAD – December 30

Friday January 17, 2020 will be two
years ago there is no longer an airport hovering
above the ZAD! No way
for us to forget that this victory
partial was not given to us by a
conciliatory government but that we have
had to wrest him from decades of struggle
creative, abrasive and fierce… No more
that we will forget the violence of revenge
state that we had to face
a few months later. Yet after reviving
the ability to rout some of the
developments that ruin this world, we work
always here to replace it over time with a
teeming and united territory.

As long as this bet remains alive among us, so long
that others will continue to overthrow elsewhere
the logic of disaster, January 17 must remain
feast day and public holiday.

Regarding the ZAD, January 17 will be
time to celebrate the most recent advances
movement (…)
The newsletter of the site quotthe way of the jaguarquot - The newsletter of the site "the way of the jaguar" - Mille Babords

** Algeria
"The’ hirak ’was not strong enough
to cancel the electoral masquerade "**

by Nedjib Sidi Moussa – December 29

We must question the absence of articulation
clear between the democratic question and the
social question which is one of the points
weak in "hirak". To this is added the level
very limited self-organization that rests
on passivity fostered by attitude
authorities (trial trials, repression
targeted, customer advertising, propaganda
massive, etc.) – giving the feeling to
least politicized segments of the population
that they were turning the page for years
Bouteflika by guaranteeing the stability of
the state threatened by imaginary plots
– and that of the devices on the left. Despite
their weakness, the latter continue to
play a harmful role because of their
dogmatism and their sectarianism.

In addition, it is worth analyzing the "hirak"
and society as they are, in order to
understand the blockages and inhibitions that
remain after ten months. You have to enter
why, from the point of view of many
individuals, everyday life has not changed
substantially. It is enough for that
to measure difficulties – for classes
popular but not only – to find accommodation,
move, heal, cultivate,
entertain, express themselves, love each other or even live
of his job when you have one. The euphoria
from the first days gave way to doubt
even pessimism. (…)
The newsletter of the site quotthe way of the jaguarquot - The newsletter of the site "the way of the jaguar" - Mille Babords >

** Chile
The pulse of the future
Fifty days on the street **

by Raúl Zibechi – December 26

"We are becoming a people again": this message
simple painted on cardboard, displayed
by a group of neighbors on Grecia Avenue,
is a cry of protest against the
neoliberalism that reduced people to the role
of consumers. And, in addition, a whole
political agenda and a whole ethic of
lives are summed up in just four words.

Not very far from there, the very central place de
Dignity, name under which the Chilean revolt
renamed the Place d'Italie, looks like a
war zone. Shops are closed in
several surrounding neighborhoods, adorned with graffiti
multicolored denouncing repression and
incite rebellion against forms
of the most diverse oppressions. Young people do
not want to give up. For them, the day the
dispute will abandon the street the party
will be lost. Relentless but difficult logic
to support after fifty days of mobilization.

The majority of the graffiti that we see
on the surrounding walls, and all over Chile,
by the hundreds of thousands, denounce the violence
riflemen. (…)
The newsletter of the site quotthe way of the jaguarquot - The newsletter of the site "the way of the jaguar" - Mille Babords

** Anthropological notes (XLIV) **

by Georges Lapierre – December 24

The state, money and the sacred
(third part)

Noble warriors, devoted mandarins and
the virtuous priests were involved
of the process of alienating the idea. The thought of
subject stops at the representation of the idea, its
objective form, to its materiality. She is not going
further. In stateless societies, thought
in its social dimension does not stop at the
thing, it exceeds it. The gift is this excess,
the thought is detached, it is released from the thing,
it frees itself from the pre-eminence of the object, of the weight
gold. The human finds his true vocation:
the social life. And this social life is pure spirit,
it frees the being from the immediacy of need and its
satisfaction. It liberates the being of immediacy. The
gift allows you to go beyond appearances, it is
the spiritual experience by which one enriches oneself
by dispossessing themselves.

This separation between rich and poor finds everything
immediately its objective form, also called material,
it's money. Money is the form that
separation between being and thought. (…)
The newsletter of the site quotthe way of the jaguarquot - The newsletter of the site "the way of the jaguar" - Mille Babords

** "Domination and the arts of resistance" **

by Franz Himmelbauer – December 20

James C. Scott
"Domination and the arts of resistance.
Fragments of the junior discourse "

It’s definitely a "master book", as it says
Ludivine Bantigny in his preface. Why ? By
that it sheds new light on reports
of domination. About these, we
too often satisfied with a binary alternative
somewhat simplistic: either there is domination
"pure and hard", and an equally pure submission –
and soft – dominated (we think of slavery or
to other situations of tyranny, including patriarchy,
for example), or there is also domination, but with
the "consent", in a way, of the dominated –
and this is the reason for "voluntary servitude". You
you will already have understood by reading these first lines that
James C. Scott does not accept either term
the alternative (one of those "hellish" alternatives
that the philosopher Isabelle Stengers denounces as one
of the spells of capitalism).

Scott tells us that these dominance relationships are
dynamic relationships, that they are never frozen. Between
dominant and dominated passes a front line endlessly
moving and which we can otherwise measure, at least
apprehend movements through what he calls
"hidden text" and "public text". (…)
The newsletter of the site quotthe way of the jaguarquot - The newsletter of the site "the way of the jaguar" - Mille Babords

** Retreats
"Muleta" and backfire **

by Louis – December 18

The meaning of this plan for rolling pensions is not
of course not that of exercising a "right not to work",
but that of finalizing the reconstruction and
the adaptation of the political constraint of work to
new economic conditions of the crisis of the
capitalist globality.

During his presentation of the content of this reform project,
the media world has, with great unanimity, underlined
an alleged strategic error by the Prime Minister, who,
by raising the retirement age by two years to
full rate, unfortunately would have annoyed its principal
union support. On the contrary, it is a strategy
deliberate: this is the muleta technique, which consists
to divert the attention of the bull from social protest
waving a huge red cloth to focus attention
on the retirement age and move to the background the
at the heart of the reform, namely the overall reduction in pensions to
through the establishment of the point system. The government
it will be fine, in the very short term, to organize a false
(provisional) capitulation on this precise technical point, in
showing that he is open to negotiation and dialogue.
At the same time it will restore the beautiful role to the unions
so-called reformists who can boast of their efficiency
to bend the government, while stigmatizing others …
The newsletter of the site quotthe way of the jaguarquot - The newsletter of the site "the way of the jaguar" - Mille Babords

** Dance a whale **

by SCI Galeano – December 17

EZLN Sexta Commission
Mexico, December 2019

The illuminated mountain. The echo of cinema – not of a film, but of
cinema as a community – still wanders among the pine trees
glowing, the nostalgic blue of the horse, Tulan Kaw, the wink
of the light signal "bienvenid @ s" and the defying light

You tried to get out of here, but, without knowing why,
you can't … or you don't want to. In the night,
always cold, you walk along the esplanade where, a few hours
before, the pit snake reminded you of memories
village fairs, distant in calendar and geography.

Your gaze stops on the posters of the puzzle: "IIe Rencontre
International of Struggling Women "," Earth Defense Forum
Mother "," 26th anniversary "." 2nd Festival of cinema Puy ta Cuxlejaltic ",
"First dance festival’ Báilate otro mundo ’(Dance another world)".
The newsletter of the site quotthe way of the jaguarquot - The newsletter of the site "the way of the jaguar" - Mille Babords

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