The new Volvo Trucks on the bend! – Cayola construction

The new Volvo Trucks on the bend Cayola construction - The new Volvo Trucks on the bend! - Cayola construction

By the editor, September 7, 2020

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- The new Volvo Trucks on the bend! - Cayola construction

- The new Volvo Trucks on the bend! - Cayola construction

Volvo Trucks is now marketing its new FH16, FH, FM and FMX vehicles from the heavy range. All these models feature a new flexible driver interface, with a 100% digital instrument panel. Volvo FM and Volvo FMX meanwhile have a completely new cab.

"By refining classic Volvo features such as ergonomics, comfort and safety and combining them with innovative technology and design, we make the driver's environment even more attractive and productive", announces by way of introduction Laurent d´Arnal, Sales Director Volvo Trucks France.

In all of these new vehicles, a new 12-inch fully digital main display gives the driver quick access to information that avoids costly mistakes. Driving times, for example, are permanently displayed. Another handy feature is the display of road signs, which alerts the driver to speed limits, overtaking restrictions and the type of road they are traveling on.

Each driver has a choice of four views to easily customize the content and appearance of the display. The axle loads view allows you to control the weight content of the load, the total loaded weight and the pressure on each axle. In trucks equipped with a navigation system, the Navigation view and its easy-to-follow maps are the right choice. Those who want a view can choose the Home view, while those who prefer to see only essential information will choose the Focus view.

The main display can be supplemented with an easy-to-use 9-inch secondary side touch screen, which manages communication, infotainment and transport information. 8 cameras can easily be connected to it and display up to 4 views. The display functions can be controlled via the new grouped controls on the steering wheel and instrument panel, as well as by voice command. The functions of the secondary screen are managed by directly touching the screen.

Trucks with more than one steered axle feature a new control panel that brings together all of the traction assist functions to help the driver quickly and easily deal with potentially hazardous traffic conditions. All the driver has to do is flip a lever to activate the differential locks.

The new design of the Volvo I-Shift gearbox selector is more practical and ergonomic and allows more freedom of movement in the cab. The gearshift programs have also been expanded. They now include Eco, Standard and Performance driving modes as standard.

Finally, the Volvo FM and FMX boast a new cabin with up to one cubic meter of interior volume. The cabin is more ventilated, with more workspace and a noticeably better line of sight, notably thanks to the plunging door lines. The entrance is easy and wide, with two steps with improved non-slip properties. The lighting makes it easier to operate on journeys with frequent stops.

As in the Volvo FH and Volvo FH16, the driver's area now benefits from the "3-way" steering wheel tilt function, which allows finer adjustment of the driving position. The lower bunk of the sleeper cabin has been raised. It is more comfortable to sit on and this creates additional storage space. The short cab also features a new 40-liter storage compartment with interior lighting.

A new, reinforced insulation of the cabin blocks out cold, heat and noise. A sensor-controlled air conditioner fitted with an activated carbon filter ensures good air quality, even in difficult conditions.

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