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Everyone is waiting to discover what the second-generation Tesla Roadster will really be capable of, whose final model will be launched next year.

On paper, the performance is spinning: thanks to its fully electric powertrain of nearly 2000 horses, the car could shoot down the 0 to 100 km / h in well under two seconds, and thus leave a Bugatti Chiron on the spot 1500 horsepower. It could also exceed 400 km / h in top speed, even though top speed has traditionally been one of the limitations of electric motor technology.

But while waiting to finally try this Roadster, Tesla reveals a miniature version of the machine.

$ 250

The car is reduced to the 1 / 18th scale, and would have been achieved through the same computer-aided design software that the Roadster to scale 1. It has a retractable roof like the real model, as well as a rear cover that can be opened. It costs $ 250, but Tesla says it is currently only possible to order it from the United States or Canada.

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