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The world is busy discovering the new S-Class. But at Mercedes-Benz, engineers are already working on the next innovations that we will discover in the following months. Among them, the new C-Class, which has been in the test for a long time.

Until then, we have not had the opportunity to see it without a thick camouflage, but thanks to this new shot, the C-Class has nothing more to hide from us, well almost, because we do not yet see its rear as well as its interior. This photo has been circulating for a few hours on social networks. We see the front of the C-Class W206, which, we must admit, looks very familiar to us.

And for good reason, Mercedes-Benz has chosen not to change its design too much from one generation to the next (except for the new A-Class). Its cars appeal to customers, they attract customers, so there is no reason to reinvent them at the risk of losing a very loyal clientele.

The C-Class looks like a … C-Class We will note all the same some differences at the level of the lights, the grille, and even the shield. Anyway, and according to this first stolen shot, the new generation of the C-Class is more like a restyling. Let's not rush too fast, we'll see if this is true soon, when the builder shows more.

As usual, the Mercedes C-Class will be available in different versions, including the wicked Mercedes-AMG. But fans of the C 63 AMG might be disappointed, as it is rumored that their favorite sedan will no longer be powered by a V8, but by a four-cylinder hybrid, the end of a world …

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