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The Munich-based brand is continuing its electric offensive with the very recent transformation of its "in-house" factory in order to be able to assemble BMW's very first 100% electric sedan, which should be unveiled before 2021.

It is time for the production site inaugurated in 1922 to keep up with the times. After six weeks of work and 200 million euros invested, it is now ready to welcome the next i4, the firm's first 100% electric family sedan. Thanks to this conversion, the model will be able to be assembled alongside the diesel, gasoline and hybrid models. Old equipment had to give way to a new system allowing the integration of several powertrains on a single production line.

The heavy battery of 550 kg will be transported by a brand new overhead conveyor capable of supporting its weight, and will be mounted in the car using a fully automated system using cameras to verify alignment. The fixing of the bolts is also completely autonomous.

Marketing for 2021?

The i4 should soon start to show up, and should compete the 487 hp Tesla Model 3 Performance AWD. In fact, we are talking about a battery developing a trifle of 390 kWh (530 hp), and would allow the Bavarian to cut down on the 0 to 100 km / h in 4 seconds. Another 80 kWh battery could allow a great range of 600 km, according to BMW. A data that we will not fail to verify thanks to our ISO 9001 measurements, when the sedan puts its wheels on our public roads. Ultimately, less powerful variants could appear, with reduced power and autonomy.

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