The mystery of the Rolls-Royce hunting station wagon finally solved

Here is finally the explanation about the strange prototype of Rolls-Royce surprised on the road a few days ago.

Rolls-Royce does not have any station wagon in its current range, which consists of the Phantom limousine, the Wraith coupe and the Dawn convertible in addition to the Cullinan SUV. So when a wagon-silhouette camouflaged prototype was surprised on the road, everyone wondered what Rolls-Royce was up to behind the scenes. Until imagining a hunting station wagon version of the Wraith coupe.

But this vehicle has in fact nothing to do with an initiative of the manufacturer of Goodwood. This is the work of designer Niels Van Roij and bodybuilder Carat by Duchatelet. They simply turned the Wraith coupe into a hunting station wagon, at the request of a customer.

Seven copies

Note that Carat by Duchatelet plans to build seven examples of this pretty hunting station wagon in total. We do not know the price but taking into account the quality of the modifications and the hard work provided, we bet on an addition well over 50,000 euros. In addition to the price of the Wraith, of course.

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