Pamela Palacios, the mother of the two-year-old boy who died last Friday in Pilar for the abuses and beatings to which his stepfather subjected him, declared yesterday for three hours at the Women’s Police Station and was released. At night, some 80 residents of the San Alejo neighborhood marched to demand justice for Thiago and the arrest of the woman.

Investigators are seeking to determine whether Palacios had some kind of responsibility in the assaults that, according to the results of the autopsy, her son suffered since he was just a baby. Although she was not arrested, a source close to the cause told the portal Pilar a Diario who will be subjected to a psychological evaluation.

Meanwhile, the victim’s stepfather, Ariel Farías, has been detained since Saturday accused of “sexual abuse with aggravated carnal access and homicide” but said to be innocent in his statement before the prosecutor in charge of the investigation, Andrés Quintana.

According to local media, at the time of his arrest, Farías was wearing a blue jacket with blood stains in the abdominal area and on the cuffs. The police seized the garment to submit it to the corresponding examinations.

Thiago’s abuse came to light on Friday, when his mother took him to the Sanguinetti hospital guard. At that time, the woman explained to the doctors that her son had choked on food, but a few hours later the baby died and the autopsy revealed that he had actually suffered abdominal bleeding caused by abuse.

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Painted in Thiago’s grandmother’s house, where the victim’s mother is staying. (Photo: courtesy Pilar to Diario).

As the hours passed, it was learned that Thiago also had an old brain hematoma and cigarette burn marks on his arms and genitals, in addition to other blows to the rest of the body.

In the last hours, a group of neighbors demonstrated on Ruta 25 and Panamericana to demand justice for Thiago and, in particular, that his mother be arrested for having covered up her partner. According to the testimonies, the mistreatment was common and they even recalled that the boy had already been admitted in the summer for the beatings he received.

“The mother is loose and we ask that they detain her because she has responsibility what happened, ”said the child’s grandfather, José Fleitas, hours ago. In addition, the man claimed that he himself had filed a complaint for child abuse with UFI No. 1 in January. “I said that the baby was beaten, there are pictures of the abuse he suffered but nobody did anything,” he said.

On the other hand, the biological father of the victim is detained accused of have set fire to the house Thiago’s mother a few months before the couple’s son was born.