the metropolis of Rouen facilitates access to public transport this Wednesday

For the first time, the Métropole de Rouen applies the measure adopted in the fall in the event of a peak in pollution. This Tuesday, December 31, 2019, the Seine-Maritime prefecture informed the population of a peak in fine particle pollution from this Tuesday and until tomorrow, Wednesday, January 1.

A ticket to circulate all day

On November 4, the Métropole de Rouen voted a measure to facilitate access to public transport during these peaks of pollution. When you take a bus or tram on the Astuce de la Métropole network, you only need to validate your ticket once. This applies to the following titles: 1 trip, 10 trips, 10 young trips, senior 20 units, moderato, 1 TAE trip, 10 TAE trips or seniors 20 TAE units. This measure is therefore valid for January 1st.

Can do even better for environmentalists in Rouen

This decision is considered "a first step" by the elected environmentalist Cyrille Moreau. The vice-president in charge of the environment would have preferred total gratuitousness. He explains "I am not sure that it is necessary to make savings of shopkeepers when it is a question of changing behavior and avoiding putting in difficulty in particular people who have chronic diseases".

Degraded air quality in Eure too

In the Eure, too, the air quality is poor and the fine particle alert threshold is crossed. It is recommended to avoid physical efforts outdoors.

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