The merger of PSA with Fiat-Chrysler – Force Ouvrière

The two major car manufacturers, the French PSA and the Italian-American Fiat-Chrysler have officially announced their marriage, which will give birth to a heavyweight group of the sector. Preview in the press.

The echoes
Between them, manufacturers based in Paris and Turin sold 8.7 million vehicles last year: a union would make it the world number four in the sector, behind Volkswagen, Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi and Toyota, which are held in a handkerchief. But on the European market, the new pair would sell almost as many cars as VW, the local leader.


Faced with this announcement, the Agency gives the floor to the unions. Force Ouvrière, first union at PSA, said Wednesday (30 October) the positive industrial dynamics the proposed merger with Fiat-Chrysler, especially since there is no plan to close a site in France. In a statement, FO judge attractive the project at the industrial level while remaining particularly vigilant about the social impact. For Olivier Lefebvre, central union delegate quoted in the press release, he is preferable for a group to produce 9 million vehicles rather than 4, given the profound changes in the automotive sector, including the consequences of the energy transition.
The acquisition of Opel-Vauxhall has worked well, estimated from his side to AFP Patrick Michel, secretary FO of the grouping committee of PSA, seeing a lot of advantages at a PSA / Fiat Chrysler access to the US market. This will allow PSA to have a bigger size vis-à-vis the big ones like Toyota or Volkswagen, he observed. And our comrade to add: French side, it must in all cases that the job is protected to a minimum, and the best would be creations, as we saw in Sochaux at the time of the acquisition Opel-Wauxhall.


The daily adds its details: For its part, the French government adds its blessing to the respect of a certain number of conditions, the first of which is the social safeguard clause. No question, Bercy said imagine the slightest closure of an industrial site in the Hexagon.

East Republican

The major newspaper of Lorraine-Franche Comté, which covers the region where most of the Peugeot factories are located, sent its reporters on the ground in the early morning in front of the grids of the Sochaux factories: The few employees who agree to give their opinion on the possible merger between PSA and FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) are optimistic about becoming a more powerful group. Often nuanced by the idea that, whatever their future, it is no longer in their handsWhether they are optimistic or not, the feeling that they will have neither their say nor the opportunity to change anything, seems to be shared.

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