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It would be a gross understatement to say that this new Maserati took a long time to arrive. Originally scheduled for May, the world premiere of the Italian mid-engined sports car has been postponed until September due to the coronavirus pandemic which has disrupted the entire auto industry.

But the Trident firm took the opportunity to publish many teasers of its MC20, raising the desire over the weeks, over the months. And this brand new, official teaser video shows us a little more about the car, stripped of its camouflages!

It's certainly not the most revealing teaser, it's the very concept of a teaser, not to show too much. But that's enough to start admiring its curves, wide hips, and ventilated engine hood at the rear. While not as hardcore as the MC12, the new MC20 is touted as its spiritual successor. And it's a real Maserati, not leaning on Ferrari's foundations, as the MC12 did with its platform derived from the Enzo.

Almost 30 spy photos taken by our friend Walter Vayr show the supercar with the camouflage peeling off, revealing the blue paint in the front trunk and side openings, just in front of the rear wheels. Some will remember the first photos of the camouflaged car – released by Maserati – showing the MC20 as a test mule wearing an unsightly Alfa Romeo 4C body with some modifications. Since then, the sportswoman from Modena has made its way to its production version, whether in terms of optics or everything else.

Under that pretty bonnet is a new 3.0-liter "Nettuno" twin-turbo V6 engine with 630 horsepower and 730 Newton-meters of torque. It is the first 100% Maserati engine in 20 years and it was developed with electrification in mind, since the MC20 will be "hybridized" later.

Appointment given with this MC20 for September 9, the wait is almost over. A revelation that follows the latest presentations made by the manufacturer from Modena in recent times, such as the revamped Ghibli range with the Hybrid and Trofeo models as well as the Quattroporte Trofeo sharing the same Ferrari V8 engine as that of the "small" sedan and the SUV Levante.

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