The Mako, the meanest Toyota Hilux? –

Much like the Ford Ranger Raptor, Toyota offers a more extreme limited version of its Hilux pickup. Unfortunately, it is only for New Zealand.

The Ford Ranger Raptor finally has a rival! Nicknamed Mako, like the fastest shark in the world, this very special Toyota Hilux has little to do with the production model. Already in style with an LED bar, widened fenders or even new bumpers.

But also in terms of chassis with a raised suspension of 4 cm at the front and 5 at the rear, adjustable shock absorbers, new brakes or even matt black wheels specially designed for off-roading. The interior also has been modified with leather seats and a marker on the steering wheel.

A Diesel under the hood …

Unfortunately, the Hilux Mako plays it small arm under the hood with its 4-cylinder turbo Diesel 2.8 of 204 hp and 500 Nm of torque. Exactly like the Ranger Raptor and its 213 hp 2.0 biturbo.

To organize a comparison between these two crazy pick-ups, it will be necessary to go to New Zealand since the Toyota Hilux Mako will only be marketed there, and in only 250 units.

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