The Louis Vuitton harness from Memphis Depay costs nearly 2,000 euros –

Notice to the amateurs. We know the price of the harness worn by the Olympique Lyonnais player Memphis Depay on the set of the Canal Football club and that made a huge splash on social networks on Sunday night.

To get it you will have to pay 1,900 euros. And even now, the monogrammed model signed Louis Vuitton by Virgil Abloh is no longer available.

Note that if many have made fun of the Dutchman, the latter is not the first to wear it. Before him, the actor Michael B. Jordan, known to play Creed and who also played in Black Panther, had him on the red carpet of the 25e SAG Awards ceremony, held this January 27 in Los Angeles. And besides for some time, the harness seems to have become the product to wear to be trendy.

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